Blair Millard

Director / Co-ordinator of Teaching and Learning
Extension 2

Blair Millard was a litigation lawyer, and gave it up to pursue his passions: literature and writing. Blair approaches his students with the professionalism of a lawyer, and the creativity of a writer, and believes that success in HSC English is a combination of these two qualities. In addition to his strong communication skills, Blair has more 2000 hours of face to face high school tutoring experience. In the 2015/16 Blair worked for a large tutoring company and tutored more than 85 students in English (years 7-12). In 2016/17 Blair specialised exclusively in HSC English, and taught more than 40 HSC English students. Blair holds a Bachelor of Arts (English and Art History) with First Class Honours (USYD). He also holds a Juris Doctor (USYD). He is currently working on a book of short stories about his time in the corporate world, and is looking towards publication.

Elizabeth Jackson

Co-ordinator of Teaching, Learning and Training
Standard, Advanced, Extension 1

Elizabeth Jackson is a passionate English teacher with more than twenty years-experience. Liz has taught in some of Sydney’s most competitive and prestigious private schools, and has worked for years in some of Sydney’s largest and most well-known tutoring centres. In addition to her teaching and tutoring experience, Liz also brings a wealth of knowledge and insight as a recent HSC marker. Liz believes that the study of English Literature, and the critical and analytical skills it provides students is crucial to success in any field, whether that be Law, and the humanities, Medicine, Engineering and the sciences. In addition to being a qualified teacher, Liz also holds a Masters in English Literature with a focus on children’s literature. Liz is responsible for the all of Ion Education’s teaching programs for Standard, Advanced and Extension 1, and for the training of staff in these areas.

Morgan Jackson

Learning Facilitator
Standard and Advanced

Morgan Jackson is an energetic HSC English tutor specialising in Standard and Advanced English. Morgan has a particular interest in the intersection between literature, philosophy and studies of religion, and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney. Morgan is also currently an Honour’s candidate, writing his 20,000-word thesis on Immanuel Kant. Morgan’s students will be lucky enough to have him for one more year, as he intends to continue his university studies in America in 2019. Morgan believes that the study of literature is an inherently intellectual endeavour, but can also provide practical and moral guidance on how best to live our lives. Morgan brings this empathy and intellectual rigour to his student’s work.

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